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Nickname: Prima Giggs ... but for short yous can just call me Prima
How did ya get the Nickname: im always around somewhere laughin' and dancin' up a storm, so me mums just called me Prima Giggs ... Prima Ballerina added ta Giggles ( clever aint she?)
Who's yer mentor? Kid Blink o' course !
Now tell us a little about yer mentor: He's a really good lookin young fella with a patch o're his eye. He keeps makin up dese stories as ta why he's got his eye covered, and is always tryin to get wit da maya's daughta! Boy to I have to keep my eye on that young lad ::giggles::

OOC Information:

OOC LiveJournal Account: billabong87chic
AIM Account: billabong87chick
Do you use any other Messenger services, and if so what? nope just AIM :)
Favorite Musical Number: I would have to say The World Will Know is my favorite number, im not really sure why, but it always seems to get me pumped :)

Favorite Newsie: either Kid Blink (of course) or Mush
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