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Nickname: Mouse
How did I get the Nickname: I'm small for my age...Racetrack found me gettin' roughed up by some scabbers and helped me chase 'em off. That's when he brought me to the Newsies and gave me my nickname.
Tell us about yerself: I grew up originally in Brooklyn, Spot Conlon's territory. My folks were poor and not too keen on having another mouth t'feed. One night, I heard 'em fighting over something to do with money and how we couldn't afford to get enough food. That's when I decided to run away. I mean, all I wanted was for them to be happy and to be able to live comfortably themselves. I promised myself that when I earned enough money, I'd come back and help 'em out. Well, that didn't work out too good. I was able to make it to Manhattan, but once I got there a gang of scabbers decided to beat on me a bit. They threw my cane to th'side and that's when Racetrack and a few of the newsies came along. They chased the boys off and Racetrack helped me up. He also gave me da nickname that I've come to love. As far as looks I'm really short. I got long black hair and icy blue eyes. A face only a mother could love.
Who's yer mentor? Racetrack
Now tell us a little about yer mentor: Racetrack is always looking to make a quick buck on a hot tip. Although those tips aren't always correct it seems he's addicted to the races. Hence, his nickname. He only a little bit taller than I am, dark black hair and brown eyes. Kinda skinny.

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